March 30, 2011
The Infamous

I’m just passing along this article a friend emailed to me. You see I Just finished an Op-ed on a related topic. In it, I dive into the history of the region and the roots of the problem; the correlation between immigration and crime in Mexico and Central America. We must recognize that globalization isn’t just an economic or cultural phenomenon, its also criminal. Steps have to be taken to not only control our country but the health of the region as a single entity.

There are couple of distinct differences from this piece and mine. Mostly it doesn’t cover the effects of American deportation and focuses more on the criminal aspects of the issue and inherent humanitarian problems that come with US immigration policy. This article also has a lot of quotes from Obama’s speech and political discussion in El Salvador. I wanted to include these in my article but couldn’t because of time restraints. Lastly it should probably be noted that this piece is written by the infamous Fidel Castro and is published in the form of his equally infamous reflections.   

Look for my article in Manifest in April.

Havana.  March 28, 2011

Between emigration and crime

Taken from CubaDebate

LATIN Americans are not innate criminals and neither did they invent drugs.

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March 22, 2011
Do you think anyone would set themselves on fire on Hollywood Boulevard?

              “Scotch, Neat, Please” The bartender nodded at me and left. The room is dark and I’m sitting at the bar squeezed in-between two other people a lot drunker than I.  I lean over to the person next to me and tell him I’m writing an article on The Near East Protests and ask him for his take on the subject. He hmmms and hahs for a minute and un-climactically, I get one of the same generic answers I’d been hearing all week.  My mind wanders as I nod and agree. I can tell he is sincere but tragically oblivious.

                The general consensus among our city’s youth is either jubilation, apathy, or a combination of the two. Sure we can feign interest in their affairs but honestly most of us are only going to have a fleeting knowledge of what’s going on. How can we have an opinion or a conversation on something unless we know the entire story? Never mind trying to begin to comprehend their situation. 

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March 20, 2011
Rambling rant about the end of the world

I was gonna start this rant with something along the lines of “beware the ides of March” but thats come and gone and the world still hasn’t ended. Plus I barely understood what they were in the first place.

All I know is that they involved Caesar getting stabbed like 23 times  and his final words were “et tu Brutus”.

Anyways, if I hear one more person mention the end of the world I very well might lose fate in the intelligence of man.

I can’t believe how many times I’ve had someone quote me that one bible verse; which i quite frankly don’t need to repeat here. Its as if this is all new to them and they were born yesterday. This shit has been going on for a while now and we are probably likely to blame for most of it.

Now don’t get me wrong; its a tragedy. Earthquakes, oil spills, and civil war are not to be taken lightly. But at this point my reaction has gone from “oh no” to “oh fuck, not again”

I don’t understand what is driving these people towards all this talk of doom and gloom. Is it some kind of subconscious wish of the masses to destroy a society which has quite frankly been falling apart for quite some time?  

Anytime someone starts talking about the end of the world I’m always left wondering if hipsters have evolved past mere normal irony and moved on to some kind of super irony that goes right over my head. End of the world talk by its very nature doesn’t sound logical. So i’m left either assuming he is an idiot or a genius. Its all very confusing.

Oh wait a minute. I just remembered that Caesar was warned to “Beware The Ides of March” but he scoffed at the warning and got stabbed.

In some ways we aren’t in different positions him and I; though if I get metaphorically stabbed we all get stabbed and it’ll be a moot point. 

Hold on, now I’m just rambling. Basically all I’m trying to say with this incoherent rant is calm down, and go party or whatever is you do on a Saturday night. Oh and it wouldn’t hurt to give the Red Cross a small donation which can be done by clicking this link.

March 19, 2011
In a lot of ways this picture is a quintessential representation of St Patrick’s Day.

In a lot of ways this picture is a quintessential representation of St Patrick’s Day.

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